Gay & LGBT Clubs in Marseille

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Marseille is a traditionally liberal country that legalized same-sex activity in 1791 during the French Revolution and gay marriage in 2013. Gay Marseille offers a well-established if quirky LGBT presence with relaxed gay bars. By day there are plenty of sexy French boys and girls shopping in open-air markets of the French-African quarter, wandering past historical landmarks of the vibrant Vieux Port (old port) and or lazing in the iconic terrace bistros of the ancient Le Panier neighborhood. But, by night, is when things really come alive.

In Conclusion

There is still plenty to love here and you should have no issues exploring its enchanting beauty including all those hunky bare-chested sailors. The long staircase leading up to this part of town has been repainted by an LGBT association in rainbow colours. The city has its fair share of gay and lesbian bars, clubs, saunas, shops and accommodation and there’s plenty going on here if you know where to look. Politicians now pitch up for the annual Gay Pride march in July to offer themselves up for photo opportunities.