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Geraldine’s is a new American restaurant and bar with crafted cocktails, shared plates, and live music. It is located on the 4th floor of the Van Zandt Hotel near Rainey Street. Geraldine’s is a spacious restaurant with an open kitchen,  live music stage, drinks, food, and a separate rooftop lounge with views. On sultry days, try  Texas Sunburn (a refreshing cocktail made with Dermaga Vida Mezcal, Shallow Aloe Liqueur, Ancho Rice, and Homemade Grenadine) with views of the downtown skyline and  Lake Ladybird. Geraldine’s is named after the famous guinea fowl that once roamed Rainey Street, overlooking Lake Ladybird and the downtown skyline. Respect for Austin’s history and culture permeates every part of the restaurant, from the local produce on the chef’s contemporary menu to the nightly concerts. 

Austin wouldn’t exist without live music. Soak up the Texas sun in the adjoining rooftop lounge with private cabanas and outdoor seating. Chef Schaefer, who directs Geraldine’s, brings nearly 20 years of culinary expertise and a passion for clean food. This is evident in the creative use of sustainable plant-based dishes. Hagar is currently the music and social programming director at Hotel Van Zandt and Geraldine’s. So, this bar gets noisy at dinner. This also happens in private dining areas. But it’s not unbearably loud, so it’s okay, depending on the size of the party. It also adds volume with live entertainment on certain nights. 

You will love Geraldine! Come here for a Sunday brunch if needed. It might be crowded, so please make a reservation. You will be greeted by your server immediately. Take a closer look at the beautiful decorations while you are inside. It also has a lovely outdoor area, spacious indoor seating, and fun lamps. Also, the stage was small, and the band sometimes started playing around 11:00 pm. So take your time with food and drink so that you can enjoy the live band as well. The server won’t rush you all this time. They keep refilling your water and ensure your drink is complete and you have everything you need. So, the service is perfect!

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