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Ghost Donkey Bar Denver, Guide & Review

Mexican hospitality at its finest! With 65 mezcal and 25 tequila options, Ghost Donkey is also a visual experience. Being the fourth branch here in Denver, it received an immediate rush of customers as soon as it opened up. It offers the same menu as its other branches, but local options will be joining the list soon. The ambiance itself is enough to turn heads. With red and purple hues surrounding you, and the white donkey statue in one corner, it sure does overwhelm you for a hot minute. The well-curated mezcal list is what one should look forward to. Even the spirits come from local places. Do not sip on your drink too fast, for it will hit you hard; revel in each sip and experience the taste in all its glory. Food-wise, the menu does offer exciting options. Especially the truffle nachos. Something considered very simply like nachos has a touch of elegance. A subtle flair of newness is added to these known dishes to create something exciting to the palette. Book the space for some fun times with your friends and have a blast. As they say, ‘Mezcal, tequila, and mucho good times!’

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