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Glitter Karaoke Houston, Guide & Review

If you’re looking for a place that is not pretentious in midtown and just willing to let you rip on the mic, this is your spot. At Glitter Karaoke they have epic Karaoke parties that are legendary. Glitter Karaoke features a traditional karaoke experience far from the traditional environment. They bring in some amazing talent and offer great prizes. Here, whether you’re a pro or a newbie and just love to sing, their top-of-line sound system will definitely make you sound like a rock star. Karaoke officially starts at 10 pm, but they’ll let you start singing before the DJ arrives

The bar constantly curates the best ingredients and recipes to bring you a culinary adventure on each visit. Sports is a major part of Glitter in Midtown culture.  With a variety of screens, they showcase the major sporting events on air. It’s a perfect spot to meet up with your friends and enjoy the game with great food and great fans. They will articulately look forward to feeding you and entertaining you with their amazing team. Glitter Karaoke features flat screens that sometimes play sports, an entertaining DJ, and super friendly owners and you’ll see them singing on stage too. They have days where top chefs of Houston come and do a pop-up. Also, steak nights and their own bbq pop-ups are to die for.

Head to Glitter Karaoke Bar with your pals and enjoy the best in entertainment in Midtown Houston. This place is a great place to hang out. The crowd is warm, the drinks are great, and they actually have some good food options. It’s a very mixed crowd and everyone is friendly. The drinks are strong and the waitresses are very attentive and sweet! If you haven’t been there it’s recommended and you’ll definitely be excited to check it out.

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