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Goat & Rabbit Kansas City, Guide & Review

The nicknames of the “Goats & Rabbits” originated in Kansas City in the days of Rabbit boss Joe Shannon and Goat boss Tom Pendergast. In the early 20th century, many of the Irish and various immigrant followers of Tom’s brother, Jame Pendergast, lived on “the Hill” or the West Bluffs of KC. 

One account is that someone in Shannon’s camp called the Pendergast people “Goats”, who then reciprocated by calling Shannon’s friends “Rabbits” because they lived along the Missouri and Kansas Rivers. While there were political tensions between the two factions, they ended up coming together in significant ways, eventually sending Shannon to Congress and giving Pendergast and his friends a 5/9 majority on the city council.

Kansas Citians also straddle the state line with friends and family who live on both sides of the state-line. With the Goat & Rabbit location situated on the state-line they want to be home to all residents both Kansas and Missourians. Kansas City has come together to create a vibrant, diverse, urban-suburban hybrid city, with a rich culture unique to their people and history. Goat & Rabbit is a place for the best of Kansas City to go together and enjoy the things that make them great. There is a real craftsmanship and artistry in every one of the locally-made spirits and craft beers that they serve, the eco-friendly wines they pour, and the house-made syrups, cordials, craft cocktails, and N/A beverages that they create.

Goat & Rabbit features perfect delicious cocktails; great outdoor seatings; great atmosphere; welcoming and knowledgeable staff; comfortable decor; delicious strong & tasty drinks that are reasonably priced; amazingly fantastic service; amazing happy hour; classy casual vibe; 

Easily one of the best cocktails bars in Kansas City. Highly recommended checking out Goat & Rabbit for an amazing and unforgettable experience in Kansas City.

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