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Golden Light Café Amarillo , Guide & Review

Established in 1946, Golden Light Cafe is probably one of the oldest cafes operating in the same place in the area. Good food, friendship, love, laughter, and entertainment are staples here and something you will always find here. This place is the go-to for those who love some eclectic live music. They feature talent from around the area and give them a chance to perform.
It is an Austin-style restaurant that focuses more on the bar, and the kitchen is located in a food truck they have. You grab food from the food truck and find yourself a seat. They have an outdoor beer garden with picnic tables and corn-hole pits. The building resembles a West-style prison with bars on its windows. But not in a negative way, you know. Route 66 is mentioned everywhere inside and outside the space as it leads to all the customers coming into the cafe.
The bar is small but keeps churning out drinks and burgers constantly. The low long tables fill up the space, and there is not much open space here. Beer is the go-to drink here and is what is mainly offered here. You can get draft beer in a glass or a pitcher or grab a bottle if you like. Other options include ice tea and soft drinks. There is one dish for each of you, from burgers, chilis, stew, pie, and sandwiches. At its heart, Golden Light is a neighborhood dive bar that is a great place to hang out at.
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