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Good Fortune Bar has creative cocktails, beer & pub snacks in a unique basement space adorned with plants & bare bulbs. Pink walls, palm leaf motifs, and neon signs give this “secret” basement bar a 1980s Miami Beach feel. It’s a welcome addition to the growing Yonge and Eglinton neighborhood with a small burger-centric menu and plenty of retro-tropical beverages. Located under La Carnita’s uptown taco joint outpost, Good Fortune Bar offers creative cocktails and an impressive beer list. Prepare for loud music and delicious drinks that go down too quickly. Good Fortune Bar, located at Yonge and Eglinton in Toronto, is the newest addition to the ever-expanding La Carnita/Home of the Brave/Sweet Jesus empire. 

However, it may be challenging to find because it is located in the basement beneath La Carnita, and there is no signage outside. Enter La Carnita and proceed down the stairs directly across from the front door to find this downtown-style bar in midtown Toronto. The menu is displayed on a vintage movie theater-inspired style board. The Fried Chicken arrives quickly, and it’s definitely tapa sized, with five golf ball-sized pieces of chicken and a side dish of Italian dressing for dipping. It’s a good size for a bar snack because it’s a bar. The chicken is tender, and the spices are delicious. It’s a little spicy but an excellent indulgent bite with a beer. The Miami ribs are up next. Again, 5-6 well-sauced short ribs topped with chopped peanuts and scallions are served in bar bite-sized portions. 

The Fortune Burger + Crinkle Cut Fries at Good Fortune Bar is delicious. But, as good as the food is, remember that Good Fortune Bar is a bar, so a good selection of drinks is not only expected but required. In true La Carnita/Sweet Jesus fashion, the family’s newest member also brings creative and whimsical liquid options. While Good Fortune is a stark contrast to their other ventures, it is a much-welcome addition to the family, particularly to midtown Toronto, which lacks places to drink and good hangouts that aren’t under 20 years old. So, the menu is casual but well executed and levels up from typical bar food offerings. I can even say that their burger is now one of my favorites in Toronto, and at only $8, it’s a steal compared to some of the other top burger joints in Toronto, which charge 20%-30% more.

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