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We have excellent news for you if you’re seeking cooler-than-cool New York City vibes. Good News, Darling, Des Moines‘ trendiest new restaurant, is right behind it. Hello, Marjorie (register at the HM host booth), and everything a decent speakeasy should be. You won’t find anyplace else, dark, expensive, and cozy, featuring unique cocktails. On weekends, reservations are strongly advised. Take this: Brambly is made from rye whiskey, blackberries, lemon, honey, ginger, dandelion root, beet, walnut, and blue cheese. My favorite speakeasy spots in the metro. Last night when we went in to say hello to Marjorie, the hostess told me HM was complete, but good news, darling had open seats, which was such a pleasant surprise! If you’re a fan of hello Marjorie, you’ll also appreciate the vibe of good news, darling.

The ambiance walking in is spectacular every time. The staff was friendly, and the drinks were delicious. It’s an excellent place to sit down with friends and have a few drinks. I also love how they rotate their menus, so I get to try new drinks. The lighting is much dimmer compared to HM. So maybe that’s why I suck at taking pictures whenever I’m there, but it’s all about living in the moment. Watching the bartenders make their drinks is also a fun sight to see. I will always take the opportunity to walk into good news, darling, whenever possible. I don’t quite have the words to describe this place incredibly. It was an instant favorite for a good cocktail. The GM, Josh, has some pretty creative ideas, and each cocktail was made with the quality you can see and taste. 

This is a unique place, and I plan on coming here often. Good News, Darling – the perfect place to grab a drink to complete your evening. This speakeasy behind Hello Majorie is a must-stop in Des Moines! Good News, Darling is edgy and unique, and they create craft cocktails that you will not find at just any cocktail bar. The bartenders are fantastic, and the cocktails are sumptuous. The ambiance is unmatched! Grabbing a drink at Good News, Darling is an experience. You will receive a small glass of tea from a local DSM business to start, receive your unique cocktail, maybe buy a couple more cocktails, and at the end, a small cup of coffee to end the experience. It’s a hot stop in DSM – you have to try it!

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