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Good Vibes Lounge Bar Detroit , Guide & Review

Good Vibes lounge is another bar in Detroit that aims to provide some of the best cocktails in the city. The bar offers a very casual and relaxed atmosphere. Soft music plays over the speakers while you are served your favorite cocktails. This will most certainly remind me of an English neighborhood. The patrons here come to relax, so you should most definitely come here and enjoy. The scenery is quite relaxing and peaceful. Soft music and craft cocktails are what the people most crave in the busy city of Detroit. The happy hours are on Wednesdays to Fridays from 3 pm to 6 pm, where you can come in and enjoy the signature cocktails at discounted rates, which will not be a burden on your wallet. The bar is also open seven days a week, so you can come in any day with your friends and family to enjoy!
Most of these bars we have talked about offering something unique over the edge, which makes the experience fun but not necessarily relaxing. This bar is the opposite of that and gives you a chance to relax while truly having its signature cocktails. No nonsense activities or anything else, this bar will provide you with the best environment to sip your cocktail, enjoy soft music, and zone out from the troubles of everyday life. The bartenders here know that you are served your favorite drinks within minutes without any hassle. The order takers and waiters have strict instructions to make you feel at home, so you are also accommodated OK here, which is why most of the patrons you will see here have made it their permanent spot to come due to the atmosphere.
There are a wide variety of craft cocktails and signature drinks, which you can try. Most of these drinks are made from high-quality spirits sourced locally.

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