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At the Graft Wine Shop, you can Pull up a seat and hang with the owners of this bottle shop bar. The Graft is essentially a bottle shop where the proprietors prefer to hang out with their pals, but horse up to the nine-seat bar, and you, too, maybe their friend. Customers come in to purchase wine for the evening, and some real talks about terroir and tasting notes are offered on occasion. There is no pretense here. Graft wants you to consume healthy juice. Local, local, and more local. Miles White and Femi Oyediran, the owners, are skilled somms and well-connected in the food and beverage industry, so residents, particularly those with a sense of hospitality, have welcomed Graft as their downtown living room. 

It’s all wine, yet unless you’re studying for your Court of Master Sommelier exam, you’ve probably never heard of any of it. But that’s half the joy. Friendly costs encourage daring leaps of order, yet there are some fancy sips for individuals who may never be able to purchase “that bottle.” There are snacks from famed Charleston caterer Callie White (and Miles’ mother) right now, so you need the pimento cheese and these new-to-the-market wonders: Callie’s In-Betweens, a mix of her biscuits, cheese straws, and chorizo. Friendly, laid-back, and each has its personality and fan base. 

If you come in on Tuesdays for the weekly wine tasting, you could find yourself chatting music with new pals at the bar or purchasing a bottle of something you simply must serve at your next dinner party. Graft’s staff fosters a carefree drop-in party feel. So, visit the bar to learn about wine, win a heart, hang out with pals, and try before purchasing. Therefore, this is one of the best bars Charleston has to offer! If you are in town, we highly recommend you visit this bar at least once. It is a great spot to visit with family, loved ones, and pals! You can make new friends at the bar by striking up a conversation. This bar provides a positive atmosphere to do so! So, don’t be shy.

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