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Grange Restaurant & Bar Sacramento , Guide & Review

Grange Restaurant and bar is known for its fine dining food and beautiful cocktails, which are the work of master bartenders who understand the importance of presentation skills and put their blood and sweat into their work. This is one of those bars you can go to if you are feeling peckish but want a casual fine dining experience and a diverse drink selection that you get the most bang for your buck. This place is located in one of the most famous hotels in downtown Sacramento and no wonder it has earned Michelin Star recognition. You will find the most elite class of people in this unique bar, which mesmerizes its guests with the beautiful décor, exposed concrete beams, costly architecture, and furniture that feels great to the touch, among other things. This place will help you to forget all your troubles as it wraps you into its luxurious ambiance.
This bar has eleven unique cocktails in its arsenal, which are a favorite among the people who visit here on a daily. Some of those cocktails include making me corny, Banana Slug, Fineapple, Scovillian, Social butterfly, Tusk, and Time of peaches. Most of these cocktails are made up of either imported or fine quality local spirits like gin, tequila, and vodka, along with some other natural herbs and extracts to give it that wow factor. These cocktails are priced at $16-$18, which is typical for a fine dining eatery such as this. Several beers are available, most of which are canned but are from renowned brands. Without wine, and drink list is complete when you go to a bar. Hence this bar has a detailed menu mentioning the different types of red, white, and sparkling wines it offers. You can also get specialized chardonnay, which is a house favorite!

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