Graton Resort & Casino

San Francisco

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Graton Resort and Casino is another casino option in San Francisco. Graton Casino offers more than a hundred table games which means something for everyone. The tables are linked progressives. Some of the available games are Roulette – which is played on state of the art LED tables, Baccarat, Blackjack, Pai Gow Poker, Three card poker, Four cards Poker and Ultimate Texas Hold’em. Graton resort has excellent services. The staff is well trained, and the dealers are helpful as well. The design layout is very friendly, and it does not take much time to familiarize yourself with the environment.

Moreover, there are over four different dining options in Graton Casino. There is a steakhouse for meat lovers, an Asian eatery that serves delicious food, and two other restaurants that offer very excellent services. Overall, Graton Casino offers fantastic Casino and dining services. There is an attached resort that offers all the modern luxurious amenities if one comes out of town for the Casino and decides to stay the night. The rooms are ultra-modern and luxurious. The resort experience can help you relax and charge you up for your next casino game.



Graton Resort & Casino Promotions

Many promotions are going on at Graton Resort. The Year of the Tiger giveaway is a promotion where the winners will get $50,000 in cash. This casino can surely make you rich! Moreover, there are many giveaways in which you can win exciting prizes like a steam mop giveaway. There are many point multiplier days on which you can earn outrageous rewards and points due to these multipliers. Many other promotions are happening at this casino.

Graton Resort & Casino Promo Codes to know

There are no promo codes to know at Graton Resort and Casino. However, there are exciting giveaways to take advantage of.

Graton Resort & Casino Secret Codes to know

Graton Resort and Casino has many promotions and giveaways but no secret codes for you to enjoy.


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