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Best Jazz Bar in Houston! Green Oaks Tavern is a Humble City Courtroom neighborhood gathering place with live entertaining Jazz music with awesome performances and bands. Live jazz & DJs are on offer at this chill club serving small bites plus a weekend brunch. While here you can have a drink, laugh, visit with old friends, make new friends, enjoy live music, or just unplug and unwind. Green Oaks Tavern also features a fun hip atmosphere, awesome live music, stylish Interior, live sports, friendly bartenders, a variety of cheap and strong drinks, great delicious food, and creative cocktails.

The Jazz Jam on Monday night is the bomb and talented musicians doing it for the music. Generally, there is a cover on Friday and Saturday nights. Please check their calendar for details on the artist and the coverage amount. Also, they sometimes schedule a special event on a Sunday or another weeknight, and then there might be a cover for that as well. They have live music 6 nights a week, so please check our schedule for who will be performing and what the cover $ will be.

What a fun place, great live music on a nightly basis, and the happy hour are awesome, thanks to owners who always care about their guests and clients who appreciate them right back. It’s a great place to hang out and has drinks with friends. It’s definitely the best intimate listening Room in Texas and a perfect little hometown bar that was once a jail. The spot has a wonderful living room atmosphere with friendly people and talented performers. Overall Green Oaks Tavern is a great special place to have a good time and mostly if you’re a Jazz music fun! Always a good venue!

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