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Green Room Bar Dallas, Guide & Review

In that Deep Ellum grungy, hipster vibe, check out the Green Room on Elm Street. It sits across from another Deep Ellum store, Wits End, and allows you to grab a vodka soda or beer while enjoying our downtown location. It also allows you guys to look down when things get hectic on a Friday or Saturday night.

This Deep Ellum foundation has a long history of being a bar before any concert in the area. The space offers three restaurants and a rooftop terrace with plenty of seating to enjoy their weekly fun hour specials. The Green Room has been a base in Deep Ellum for many years. Our sponsors enjoy an amazing view of the Dallas sky from the Rooftop Patio, as well as some of the Best Damn Bar Foods in Deep Ellum! Our menu is a fresh take on old-fashioned pub food favourites, but we also have some of our special creations, such as Short Rib Texas Poutine and Blacktooth Burger.

The venue stands out as a special event centre due to the variety of options it offers to party organisers and guests. It has 3 full bars and three restaurants The Green Room has many nice features that you can use to create a fun event. The view is amazing, as well as calm. Their vendors offer unique cocktails, as well as wine in a glass or bottle and local beer. Dining inside still gives you a great view, but if you care about staying outside, you can relax until you reach their open wall of the fireplace and enjoy the amazing views of their rooftop restaurant in Dallas.

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