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Green Russel Bar Denver, Guide & Review

One of the best and most well-known spots for you to grab a drink, Green Russel is a speakeasy where people come into the front and get a table reserved. It is always a good place to hang out with a group of friends, especially if you prefer a stiff drink. Did we forget to mention that it is under the street so that might get a little hot for you. It is dark with rock walls, velvet booths, framed mirrors, and suitable music playing in the background. It is nicely packed at night, with exciting conversations at every corner you turn to. With more than a dozen cocktails on their menu, they also offer scotch and whiskey from unexpected places like Taiwan. Order the ‘Mojito’ and get a mix of white rum, mint, lime, and seltzer. It also offers a seasonal menu that makes use of seasonal ingredients. You could also ask the bartender for his recommendation after you have tried out a few drinks on your own. The menu of bar snacks is a solid one. They keep you satisfied while you take a break from all the drinking. Their loaded potato chips and pulled pork nachos are a must-have!

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