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Grey Ghost Bar Detroit, Guide & Review

The grey ghost is a very relaxed and chill bar where you can enjoy your favorite drinks. This bar is known for its cocktail service, craft cocktails, and others. The bartenders really know their tricks and hence provide you with amazing service. If you are looking for a place with cold beer, accommodating staff, and a wide variety of drinks, then this place is just for you!
This place is also known for its signature cocktails, which you should try. There is a wide variety of stirred and shaken cocktails and mocktails for you! Some of the most recommended mixed cocktails include nineteen fifty-three, which is made up of Vodka, Rum, orange elements, and lime extracts. Other classic cocktail-called Shallow waters are famous among the patrons, made up of tequila, cynar, and orange bitters.
Moreover, the shaken cocktail section also includes some names worth your money and should be given a shot if you want to try something new. Some of these include cocktails like the Handsome Devil, which is made of Gin, brandy, and lime, to name a few ingredients, and packs a punch. Apart from this, it would be best if you tried pillow talk, cease-fire, heir apparent, effeneff, pretty magic, etc.
The beer section of the menu also has a lot of variety where you can choose beer from all over the world, they have beers from Wisconsin, Germany, Ontario, Indiana, and the Czech Republic, to name a few! Without wine, any bar menu is incomplete; hence the Grey Ghost offers three different types of wines, white, red, and sparkling wine, for the patrons to choose from. Overall, this is a great bar for people in Detroit, and we recommend you to check it out.

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