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GWARbar is a meat & vegan pub inspired by the heavy metal band Gwar. Fake blood-splattered bar offering meat & vegan pub fare inspired by the heavy metal band Gwar. This heavy metal-themed establishment serves vegan pub grub, which is hard to come by. The Hail Seitan sandwich, composed of bbq seitan (Gwar Bq or Carolina), fennel slaw, onion straws, and hot sauce, is a menu favorite. The Fried Cauliflower with Vegan Ranch Dipping Sauce is ideal for sharing with guests. They feature draught cider and beer on tap, including GWARbeer, a Champion Pilsner. During Happy Hour, $1.25 mystery beers, $2.25 High Life, $10 Gansett pitchers, and $3.75 well-drinks are available. This bar was everything I had hoped for. I’m sure it was great before Covid when it was packed with people. 

I drank two Gwarbeers and a jamo shot. The wife drank gin and tonic. We purchased some merchandise and took some photos. It was fantastic. There are so many exciting bars in Richmond that are worth a visit, from artisan cocktail bars to pubs that remind you of Liverpool to heavy metal-inspired bars with vegan pub grub. GWARBAR is a hit with us! The food is excellent. The seating is very relaxed, with lots of GWAR memorabilia. Service is usually very swift. There is no table service. You can see the menu posted at the front window, scan a QR code to pull it up on your phone, then order at the bar, and food will be brought to you. Of course, they have a full bar. 

If you were going to see GWAR live in the late 80s and early 90s, like I was, this place brings back many memories of fun times I had with friends. Don’t leave without checking out the restrooms and looking around. Gwar, who doesn’t love them and their music as well as extreme stage performance, but they have a bar too, and is it just as awesome as they are? Hell, yes, it is! Coming here has been a long time since I didn’t make it to this part of the county as much as I’d like to, so this was a treat! Overall super excellent place, with good vibes and good food, and it was so Gwar it is for that. I hope to get here again at some point because this place rocked in more than one way!

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