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Haberdasher is located in a 100-year-old building. This underground bar gives you a glimpse into the days gone by. You can order Bellafonte, named after a Jamaican-American songwriter, to completely absorb the old-fashioned nostalgia of the region. If the singer’s soul were distilled into one flavor, it would be a blend of Eliya Craig Barrel Proof, Pineapple Lamb, Cocchi Americano, Amaretto, and Lime Bitters. Sit down in one of the red curtain booths with a drink and enjoy the saxophone-rich Motown music. Rate the bowler hat lamp, which is reminiscent of the theme of a 1920s tailor shop at home, just as a bartender wears a tape measure around his neck. It is an underground bar with velvet chaise lounges serving cocktails made by bartenders dressed in the 1920s. Haberdasher specializes in the best craft cocktails in a unique, sexy, and cozy underground atmosphere. Resolutely reject the idea that great cocktails can only be obtained from Snoopy’s mixologists, and experience our hospitality on a trip to the bright little cocktail lounge! It opened in May 2010 as a single barrel, a calm and quiet Speakeasy concept. The mission of the single barrel was to educate and inspire South Bay residents to expect more eyeglasses than are available at most facilities. They achieved that by slowing down and creating an environment different from SJ. There was no menu, and the master bartender chose craft cocktails for guests after investigating their tastes. This process has made enthusiastic fans, many of whom have been towed back with friends and family. The result was a long, immobile line outside the front door of the single barrel every day while waiting for a turn at the bar with the bartender. They continue to strive to inspire their patrons to expect only the best from their favorite pubs. They sincerely invite you to visit our cellar bar and hope you enjoy the night at Harbor Dasher just like us!

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