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Happy’s Barley & Vine has a beer Tap Room, Craft Cocktails, and Wine Bar stocking 35+ taps, an excellent liquor selection, and fantastic wine by the bottle and the glass. When you combine that with a friendly atmosphere, you would think you were dreaming – or they are geniuses – and both are far from the truth. They take great satisfaction in maintaining the highest cleanliness and hygiene standards. They have upped the frequency with which the bar and toilets are cleaned. We’re making use of hospital-grade disinfectants. So, they have increased the availability of antibacterial hand sanitizers and wipes around the campus. Their employees are regularly updated on their safety practices. They are El Paso‘s top Craft Beer, Wine, and Cocktail Bar. 

They offer a superb variety of rotating regional and national draught beers and an unrivaled range of wines from around the world. Their Craft Beer focuses on exceptional local beers and famous regional/national brand brews. Happy’s wine list is a fantastic blend of the finest of the best from across the world. They attempted to cover all of their clients’ bases. Happy’s is a “BYOF” establishment, so feel free to bring your food, cater, or order from one of the Substation eateries. They are located in El Paso’s upper valley on the corner of Doniphan and Sunset. Parking is complimentary, so come and be a part of El Paso history. Cheers! Get your drink on! Most importantly, be joyful! Their narrative begins with a regular four-person gang. All of whom are passionate about beer, its culture, and wine. 

They recognize and are interested in the effects of history and culture on lifestyle and culture. They adore beer and wine because they bring people together to live and appreciate each other in the present moment, followed by joyful moments and good memories. Although the four men came from four very diverse professions, they form a unique group of entrepreneurs, and while their journeys may have been highly varied, the basis for all is nearly the same. As the crow flies, they are a mixed bowl of intractably opposed extremes, but the fact is that they are all the same at their core, and the balance between the four is flawless. Three of the four buddies had known each other since they were in diapers. So the trip begins. There will be happy times ahead. Therefore, Happy’s Barley & Vine is one of the best!

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