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Harlem Tavern New York, Guide & Review

Harlem Tavern Sports bar is open Sunday through Saturday for indoor and outdoor dining, pickup, and delivery. Harlem Tavern is a bar with a massive indoor/outdoor seating arrangement. Every game imaginable is playing on one of their many screens.  Harlem Tavern is located near a lot of Harlem restaurants, some of which are pretty iconic. Even when surrounded by so much competition, this place manages to be one of the funniest and tastiest restaurants around.

Host your next event at Harlem Tavern which is renowned as an amazing venue for private parties. Decent spot with a huge outdoor space to grab a drink in Harlem. They have everything from beer to cocktails to frozen drinks

Harlem Tavern exhibits a heated outdoor dining, great delicious food, good vibing music, excellent, friendly, convenient, and affordable service, a hip relaxed atmosphere, a large menu, friendly beautiful people, daily specials, child-friendly venus, scenic views, healthy options big TVs, roadside pick-up, classic cocktails, stylish interior, tasting menus, a very cozy establishment, large portions, takeaway menu, creative cuisine, pleasant staff, awesome drinks and appetizers, beautiful women, state-of-art lighting and sound system. It’s a great spot for a burger, beer, and watching the game. A very lively place and highly recommended.

The vibe & music is EVERYTHING! Outdoor seating is established and fully equipped with umbrellas and an awning. The food is “bar” type and the drinks are creative. The truffle burger was delicious. Great place to chill w/ friends or your special someone. Slightly pricey for the food quality but all-in-all decent dining. Definitely a good vibe to hang out and grab some food and drinks with good vibes. Would definitely recommend this spot as someone who enjoys sports and general bar food/drinks. Overall they’re a consistent dining option in Harlem.

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