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At Hello, Marjorie Creative, cocktails, craft beer & wine are served in a chill space decorated like a ’70s-era living room. Hello, Marjorie has swiftly become a fixture of the Des Moines cocktail scene. Despite being only five years old, its vast lounge is filled with deep green leathers, classic lampshades, and portraits of Marjorie (the owner’s grandmother). The famed neon sign with the Jack Kerouac quotation, “The sexiest females in the world, reside in Des Moines,” may be the town’s most Instagrammable location. It’s similar to drinking in your grandmother’s cellar if your grandmother was Elizabeth Taylor. This cocktail contains whiskey, apricot liqueur, demerara, and smoked apple bitters. Hello, Marjorie is an experience-focused bar in the heart of downtown Des Moines, Iowa. Cocktails, beers, and damn fine times.

What a remarkable establishment! This elegant yet informal facility in the heart of Downtown Des Moines was the ideal setting to bring our out-of-town friends. Perfect for a variety of drinkers of any age. Our mixologist was terrific and one of the most knowledgeable and personable guys. He had a passion for his customers and mixing up their drink of choice, just as I imagine someone would expect from the era this establishment portrays. Whether you are a visitor or a local, this is a must-see location. Excellent service, great drinks! This go-to bar has the best environment. 5 and beyond! An excellent cocktail program and even better people. Do not hesitate to go to downtown Des Moines, and you won’t regret it. Charming atmosphere. Excellent staff. Proper cocktails.

I will be returning Great drinks with even better service and staff. We ordered the classic Daydream and a new favorite, The Pistachio, both incredible cocktails. I will be back for more soon! Hello, Marjorie knows how to create and craft stellar cocktails. We got some great local recommendations on places to eat and other spots to check out from one of the bartenders, which we appreciated—a fun spot with eclectic decor and even better drinks. Hello, Marjorie was the ideal venue for an evening out with old friends. We were greeted warmly as soon as we stepped in. So, Hello, Marjorie is one of the best bars Des Moines offers you. If you are in Des Moines, we recommend you visit this spot at least once. We recommend you go there with family, friends or loved ones for a memorable and fun time. 

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