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Henley Bar Nashville, Guide & Review


Honoring the legacy of American craftsmanship, Henley is an experience to remember. Opened in 2017, the name is inspired by the movement against the rigid clothing of the 1900s. With a  sleek bar in the middle, the place has a black and white checkered floor with yellow and blue accents on the furniture and walls. There are seats at the bar and smaller tables scattered across the area. The private sitting area is called ‘The Snooker’ and is suitable for hosting parties. The outdoor patio also has seating for a few people if you want to enjoy the weather. 

The crowd here varies from married couples to those staying at their hotel. Many of the locals are regulars here. More so than any other bar around the area. The staff is the epitome of Southern hospitality that Nashville is famous for. If you want to grab a drink pre-dinner, you should try one of the local Tennessee bourbons prepared in small batches. You have many options with quirky cocktail names and tastes that complement these as well. ‘Call Me if you get lost’ uses ingredients like prosecco, italics, luxardo bitter Bianco, grapefruit, and salt. Prices start at around $12, which is worth the money for these yummy concoctions. There are also bottled and draft beer options available. Whiskey, bourbon, rye, wine, red and white, whiskey, scotch, brandy, rum, mezcal, gin, tequila, and vodka; all you can imagine is on the menu. 

There is also a breakfast, brunch, and dinner menu with great dishes to confuse you cause you will want them all! The brunch is accompanied by live music. Each word is curated and plated so beautifully that you hesitate to ruin its beauty for a minute. This place is a more elegant and classy option for those who want to chat up after work to relax. 


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