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Hennessey’s Los Angeles, Guide & Review

Looking for a perfect peaceful place to visit in LA then The Hennessey’s Irish pub should be your destination. It is located at 313 Manhattan Beach Blvd.This place is the neighborhood meeting place, the house specialty is traditional corned beef and cabbage, in ample portions. You can also order sandwiches, burgers, specialty fries and fresh salads. A big draw is the enticing selection of imported Irish beers and liquors, the perfect beverages to sip while watching the sunset over the ocean on the outdoor deck.

A boisterous night out is guaranteed at this lively Irish bar, especially on live music nights when diners are encouraged to join in the chorus of traditional folk ditties and other Gaelic classics. The tasty pub grub includes pie, pasta and Portuguese staples such as cod stew and other fish dishes. Whenever possible, the kitchen sources locally produced ingredients and shies away from anything resembling fast food. The pub is on two floors, with the upstairs a little more conducive for those wishing to enjoy their meal in relative peace (the main bar is on the ground floor) where there is enough space for everyone to sit and also have a dance from your seat. Hennessy’s is big on sport and several TV screens are placed on walls throughout the premises allowing various tournaments and competitions to be screened simultaneously. There’s also free WiFi. Naturally, the beers flow easily on these occasions, including the ubiquitous Guinness

This place is always a mecca of bustling activity. Hennessey’s Tavern has sidewalk facing open deck, usually crammed with a hip young crowd, sets a happy pace for the interior bar and adjoining dining room both equipped with ceiling-suspended TV sets. 

Make sure to pay a visit to this amazing place and have the chance to experience the fun here.

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