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Herbe Sainte Bar Omaha, Guide & Review

Herbe Sainte proud itself of the exceptionally diverse menu it offers. Herbe Sainte is one of those bars which tries to bridge the gap between two places by mimicking the ambiance of New Orleans here at Omaha. This bar is made according to the traditions and customs of bars in that city and hence allows you to get a feel of what it is like to drink in another city without leaving your own. The bar provides a very luxurious and upscale feeling. There is floor to ceiling windows by the entrance wall, which allow a lot of the sunlight to penetrate through and enlighten the whole bar. This makes for quite a spot for those conversations and quiet dates. The lighting is also very dim at night, setting the night’s mood.
With expert bartenders who know how to mix the spirits and locally sourced ingredients to create something new, this bar truly has it all. With no significant downside, you should try it out. In a place such as this, the ambiance is essential and the experience; hence the fully trained order takers and bartenders try to accommodate you as much as possible to make for a truly luxurious experience. The bartenders will try to fix your perfect drink your way and don’t be afraid to ask the waiters for recommendations since all our staff is highly learned and their suggestions won’t certainly disappoint you.

The menu is also quite diverse, as it offers different cuisines, which are made with a lot of attention to detail; you can almost compare it to dining in a fine dining restaurant! There are classic cocktails and seasonal cocktails you can ask your bartender for. Some of the best classic cocktails include Sazerac, Absinthe Frappe, and Hurricane. Most of these delicious drinks are priced between $9 and $12. Moreover, some of the finest seasonal cocktails include Peruvian, Afumat, Triple BS, and Cool Your breeze. These cocktails are also priced moderately.

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