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The atmosphere, the incredible beauty, and the atmosphere in the Moscow Mules (try to freeze) – HG Sply Co has the best roof in Dallas downstairs. The space includes the length of the restaurant below, as well as Social Mechanics and Gung Ho – three times larger than the basement, so you have enough space to sit and enjoy. You can see all the sky in the distance, and HG has a proven climate on the roof with heaters and misters.

Live brunch music and an excellent, lively air sound like a Portland hangout over a Dallas pub. Discover a delicious salad and some of its natural cocktails for a combination of sin and salvation that will keep your ody happy and your mind free. The popular restaurant and bar on Greenville Avenue have become a neighborhood center. The balcony above the second floor offers a magnificent view of the city, while the first-class dining room is filled every night with young and old diners. Many are on the menu for special needs with gluten-free, Paleo-centric, and vegan (vegan queso dishes are amazing), with an emphasis on “clean” foods, that is, to avoid processed foods. They were one of the first to make the concept of “dishes” when choosing grains, proteins, and vegetables.

Take your group of best friends and make HG Sply Co. your next branch in Dallas. Eat on the top floor of the balcony and enjoy the fresh, edible-inspired food dishes and drinks that are guaranteed to take your taste on an unexpected trip.

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