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Hidden Door Bar Dallas, Guide & Review

Hidden Door is a money-only center. Opened in 1979, Hidden Door is one of the city’s leading restaurants because of its dedicated crowd of regular and friendly bartenders.

While not much to look out for, Hidden Door is a cheap, very cheap place. The wooden patio adds a relaxing and cozy atmosphere for conversation. Hidden Door is famous for its cheap specials like their brewing Sundays, where you can get brewed beer for 75 cents.

Sure, divey as it comes, but The Door (as ordinary people refer to it) has been the basis of Oak Lawn for over thirty years, and it’s easy to see why. It is one of the most popular entertainment venues you can find, let alone the most popular place for the beer community. While you won’t find any of the art cocktails rocking here, make a blood-curdling Mary’s and donate $ 1 JJell-O shorts in every color under the rainbow. There are also daily beer deals ($ 75 draft), special nightly drinks, and hours of fun, and the bar keeps customers happy with ongoing events such as monthly cooking, pool competitions, stand-up comedy, and draw games. Just make sure you bring cash; they don’t take plastic here.

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