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HIDE Bar Dallas, Guide & Review

Located in Deep Ellum, one of Dallas’ most artistic venues, HIDE is home to some of the most innovative drinks around. Their unique twist in the introduction will satisfy everyone, from the beer guzzler to the more selective. We like to make cocktails with bold flavour combinations that push the boundaries of cocktails, and combinations that people have never tasted before, and create a place for people to interact, make real interactions with other people and relax a bit.


Here is the deal: they are busy making their perfect ingredients. Their food has a homemade taste and sticks to their bones by memorising the recipes for grandparents. They make their cocktail spices, blends, and garnishes. They also prepare their ingredients in unusual ways (such as reducing their syrups, rising custom tinctures, checking extracts, and specifying new juices by centrifuges and so on) – but that is not really how they do it. It is about the quality of the experiences they discuss and setting their guests to really ENJOY their time here. It’s the ultimate cocktail bar in Dallas for the perfect night out. HIDE is also home to dynamite burgers, which you can get for only $ 6 on Sunday – Friday from 5-7 p.m.

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