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Hideout Waikiki is a lush and lovely rooftop bar and restaurant that sits above the bustling Kuhio Avenue. Inside and out, it’s bright, natural, and spacious, especially on the rooftop patio flanked by palm trees and the Waikiki skyline. Hideout, now open both morning and night, serves Hawaiian cuisine with Asian and Modern American influences, well-crafted creative drinks, and local breweries on tap. Everything is presented in a relaxed, pleasant, yet lively setting. A boutique hotel has an indoor/outdoor rooftop coffee shop/bar/restaurant. Perhaps this mid-century paradise seems too lovely to be true: Stumptown coffee, handcrafted drinks, and a menu full of fresh Pacific Rim food, but without the crowds? 

Craft drinks are also available at the open-air, low-key café. The Mai Taime, their variation on the ever-popular mai tai, is combined with Old Lahaina Silver, Myers Dark rum, lime, house-made orgeat, tiki bitters, and a fluffy lilikoi foam. Make your new favorites, such as the Lime in the Coconut, a spicy and delightful mixture of Lime and Coconut combined with Old Lahaina rum and mango boba. The Laylow resort’s Hideout is a bar and restaurant. Hideout offers a calm mood and a terrific ambiance, thanks to its extended open patio, outdoor dining, and poolside tables. Try a variety of traditional Hawaiian meals, wines, artisan brews, and drinks. Happy hour is daily from 5 to 6 p.m.; don’t miss the Laylow “Hawaiian Style” Mai Tai! 

The Hideout is located at The Laylow hotel. While the bar also offers Stumptown Coffee (from Portland, OR) and breakfast, it morphs into a casual open-air pub in the evenings. I would have remained all night if I hadn’t been on such a tight schedule. I also had some tuna poke, which was delicious. Because the bar is just around the corner from the pool, the queue begins before it opens. While the cocktail menu is short, the beverages are excellent. The offers are fresh, tropical, and one-of-a-kind. Pau Maui vodka, Ancho Verde, lilikoi, ginger & Lime tea syrup, and pineapple juice are used to make the cocktail. It was mildly peppery and made me eager for Shaker & Spoon’s open vodka box. 

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