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High And Lonesome Club is Winnipeg’s finest honky-tonk, featuring the best in live music and a commitment to community and culture. Their mottos are “you’re all good people with excellent taste in music” and “we gotta lotta livin’ to do, let’s do it together!” Check out the Times Change(d) High & Lonesome Club’s lineup. It is housed inside a historic 1882 building, ensuring that your visit is, at the very least, cultural. You can expect to hear roots-blues music with a lot of funk and soul. The best place in Winnipeg for GOOD live music! This club will be remembered as a historical landmark in Canada. Make a point of stopping at Times Change while you’re in Winnipeg (d). This is a historic music venue, and artists from all over Canada (and the world) perform in this small club with a big personality. 

Enjoy the memorabilia all over the walls, the show posters past and present, the kitschy and the rustic. Grab a Standard, find a seat (or don’t), and enjoy the tunes. Winnipeg’s honky tonk crown jewel. Recently expanded (longer, not wider). A new space in the back for visitors to take a break from the music—is a great idea because it makes the front room an even better listening room. Excellent work on the new, easily accessible restrooms. You may not feel at ease if your social, material and financial status define your self-worth. But you are most certainly welcome! This little downtown gem features live stage performances of bluegrass, folk, country, and blues music on a nightly basis. 

The cover charge is usually $10, so get there early because it gets crowded around 9 p.m. Because it is a small space, it fills up quickly. The crowd is diverse, ranging from suits to bell bottoms. This is one of my favorite local places to drink. You should just be yourself here. We worked with John on our event preparation, and he assisted us in any way he could. We planned an event in a month and celebrated our dreams thanks to John and the cooperative staff at the club! The atmosphere was perfect, the drinks were cold, and there were no worries. This is not only the magical setting of my’ dive bar’ fantasies. It’s a place near and dear to our hearts for a drink and profoundly awesome music with unrivaled energy. Thank you, John, and your staff, for the fun times!

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