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Higher Ground is full of cocktails and bar snacks in an eclectic church-style basin with outdoor seating. Opened in 2021, this social club is one of the trendiest places downtown. Combining a restaurant, bar, and nightclub into one large venue, the Higher Ground has a spiritual direction and provides guests with a sinful and enjoyable time. They bring back the theme. The space is intricately decorated with religious crafts, stained glass windows, and a DJ booth made of old organs. Enjoy seven deadly sins cocktails such as Greed (Texas whiskey, coffee-injected demerara, bitters) and last (tequila, mezcal, absinthe, strawberry syrup, blackberry). Want to check the entire list? It is advisable to order some of the delicious “bread of the day” to absorb the liquor. Higher Ground is a nightlife venue and restaurant for enlightened spirits. 

In short, it’s a pleasant nightlife spot for noble, soulful, and enlightened souls in Austin, Texas. From happy hour to dinner, Higher Ground is a unique experience. On weekends, enjoy the wonderful atmosphere of the best local DJs and dance the night under the chandeliers. Located on the corner of 8th and Congress, Higher Ground is Austin’s latest social club. Higher Ground, a nightlife sanctuary, is a high-rise destination offering designer cocktails, delicious snacks, and a place to dance at night. From Italian cuisine by up-and-coming chef Chris Garuccio trained in New York’s Michelin-starred restaurants to crafted cocktails, Higher Ground creates a unique Austin atmosphere. 

They set the stage in an elegant, intimate space, perfect for dating nights and solo wanderings. It also ignites a vibrant and energetic scene for those seeking the wilderness. Whichever you choose, each road is guaranteed to lift you higher. This bar is perfect for girls’ night outings, happy hours, and date nights! The atmosphere of both the courtyard and the courtyard is unique and suitable for Instagram! There is also a parking lot behind the building. Happy hour also has many options! Try bruschetta! This is one of the best bars Austin has to offer! So, if you are in town, you should visit this bar once with your loved ones.

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