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New Jersey

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Highland Tavern New Jersey, Guide & Review

If you’re looking for that old school hole in the wall drinking spot, this is definitely the place. Highland Tavern is a fantastic little bar hidden in a neighborhood (the building looks like a house from outside). Best hometown bar! A hard place to find but worth the trip.

Highland Tavern features awesome service; delicious food; awesome clientele; very good people who are happy to strike up a conversation and buy you a beer; tons of TVs to watch your favorite game, friendly mixed crowd; accommodating & friendly owner as well as locals; great pool and darts; and nice prices.  

Great place. Old family and friends bar for years still going. Yes, you’ve just really found a bar in a residential neighborhood in what used to be a house. And it’s incredible. Good food, good prices, good times. Indeed a great place to meet old friends.

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