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Highline RXR Bar Arlington, Guide & Review

Highline RXR is another famous bar in Arlington, which has quickly made its mark as being one of the best bars for draft beer and watching a game. This bar offers a new and improved bar experience over the standard bars in Arlington. Highline bar offers around thirty thousand square feet of space and hence is quite spacious. The design language is also very modern, so you do not feel cramped. Moreover, this place offers a lot of variety. As we discussed earlier, there are over thirty different types of draft beer.
You can also play many games while waiting for your favorite cocktails. The food here is excellent, and this bar serves pure American cuisine for those who like a hearty meal with a cocktail. This is the place for them. There are many different types of beers, which include Pilsners, Stouts, Dark Ales, Ciders, Sour Beers, and Wheat Beer.
Almost nine different signature cocktails are offered, priced between $13 and $14. Some of these include Highline RR Manhattan, Bourbon Palmer, Paloma, Old Fashion, Orange Smash Ready To Drink a cocktail, and Kentucky Mule, among others. We recommend you try the Orange Smash Ready-to-drink cocktail, which contains vodka and essential citrus elements.
There are many different wines as well, which are sold by glass and bottle. These wines are imported locally as well as bought from local producers. Some other types of drinks, which are offered, include Vodkas, Bourbons, Whiskey, Gin, Rum, Tequila, Scotch, and Cognac, among others. There are some frozen cocktails offered, which are $11 each.
The service at this bar is fantastic, and the effort the bartenders put into each cocktail is evident since this place is also packed. This is one of the trendiest spots you can come to for your favorite drinks in Arlington.

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