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Highwire Lounge Bar Tucson, Guide & Review

Highwire Lounge is a cocktail bar in the heart of Tucson. They specialize in molecular mixology, and every drink is served in such a picturesque and unique way that you think twice before ruining its beauty. They do pearl shots which are vodka shots served in spoons. These come in unusual flavors like pop rock and even candy flavors! The place is now available to be booked for parties, receptions, yoga classes, and some fun entertainment, however, you would like! 

The drinks menu has some yummy mimosas like ‘Molecular Mimosa,’ which you can get in strawberry, mango, or peach flavor; there’s also the ‘Glitter Bomb Mimosa,’ which has some cotton candy in it! Get a mimosa tower if you’re a bigger group. Cocktails include ‘Hibiscus Cooler,’ ‘Cucumber Smash, and ‘Sweet Thai Chili Mary.’ The latter is a concoction of Drakes organic vodka and Highwire Thai chili bloody mic with Thai basil and poached shrimp garnish. A delicacy that your palette will savor. Their signature dishes include ‘Pearl Shots,’ ‘The Contortionist,’ ‘PB and Jealous,’ ‘Center Stage,’ and ‘Waffles and Coffee.’ If pinnacle whipped vodka, lime juice, white grape juice, pop rocks, and cotton candy sound amazing, then get ‘The Contortionist.’ Otherwise, try out what sounds appealing to you but try out their pearl shots. They’re tried and tested! There are three wells for the bartenders to prepare their drinks! A dream for them. 

The brunch menu has some yummy pancakes, eggs, and frittatas. Salads, shareable, sandwiches, and mains are on the menu if you fancy those. There’s an indoor Dj and outdoor live music simultaneously. Events include Disney-themed karaoke, muscles and mimosas, bingo night, and summer luau brunch! You can be a part of it if you choose to. The space itself has a big glass window front which lets in daylight and a view of the street. 

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