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New Jersey is one of the hippest and happening cities in the country and adopts an extravagant nightlife. While there are several things to do, the nightclubs in the town are definitely the place to be for a night of fun, dance, and drinks. The city has some of the best DJs and live entertainment that people worldwide come to see. Each club has its own ambiance, visual experience, and environment, but they all provide nonstop entertainment. The Hip Hop clubs are some of the most popular ones in the city and can be found bouncing with music and people till the early hours of the morning. Many offer live entertainment, music shows, dancers, and bartenders who know how to mix the best drinks. Most of them host events over the weekend and select special nights for an unforgettable night for their customers.

QXTs New Jersey

One of the most happening clubs in New Jersey is indeed QXTs. Up and running for 25 years now, the club allows its customers to have a night of fun and dance every Friday and Saturday from 10 pm till 3 pm. The club runs from 5 pm to 10 pm on Friday evenings for karaoke and a happy hour special. Thursday evenings are for open mic nights from 6:30 to 10 pm. The club has some of the best DJs in town who play a variety of music. You will hear music from the 80s, 90s, goth, punk, darkwave, industrial, and rock. The club is always found bouncing to some fantastic music. The spacious and energetic main dancefloor can be seen crowded with people dancing the night away. The club has two extra rooms in the basement. They are marked as Area 51 and Crypt, and each plays different genres of music, environment, characters, and atmosphere. Each space has its bars with a variety of drinks, experienced bartenders, and friendly staff.

Club Soho New Jersey

In the mood for a night full of a variety of music? Club Soho is definitely where you would want to be. The club has three floors with different types of music playing on each, and you can go for whatever you are in the mood for. The third floor plays Latin music and is usually the most happening, especially on Saturday nights. The first and second floors play a variety of tunes but are not very busy. They will be a great option if you wish to have a small intimate party with a group of friends or some alone time for yourself.  The club has a dimly lit atmosphere, with neon lighting, which gives the feel of a club. The sound system and the DJs are superb, making you want to dance to various genres. The bartenders on the third floor can be seen whisking away special drinks, while the first and second-floor bars are comparatively peaceful. 

46 Lounge New Jersey

One of the classiest and most elegant nightclubs of New Jersey would be 46 Lounge, where ‘the party never ends.’ The club has a diverse atmosphere with a mix of touches from Manhattan, Miami, and Los Angeles. The interiors are spectacular, and the neon lighting sets the mood. The club is extensive and has VIP areas, wine bars, outdoor bars, and patios.  The club operates from Thursday to Saturday, with doors opening at 8 am, and the party continues till 3 am. They have strict age restrictions, and only 21 years and older are allowed to enter. You have to dress impressively in neat clothing to fit in as no baggy clothing, sneakers, sweatpants, or hoodies are not allowed. The security is tight, providing a safe and comfortable environment.

Kiss Kiss Nightclub New Jersey

The Kiss Kiss Nightclub offers its customers a unique and exhilarating nightlife experience. The club is not only a favorite of locals but an attraction for tourists as well. Located in Atlantic City, where people from all over the world come for entertainment, the club can be found up and bouncing till the late hours of the night.  The club gives you Bangkok and Alice in Wonderland vibes with the entrance like a rabbit hole. The club’s interiors are fun and quirky, with fantastic pop art that brightens up the place. There is a vast centerpiece with a LED screen with patterns of lips that light up and are synchronized with the music. The dancers are barely dressed and put on some great performances. The neon-lit lights give a different, unique vibe altogether. All in all, the club is a visual treat. 

Barcode New Jersey

This one-of-a-kind club is a combination of both a restaurant and a nightclub. Due to this, the club can be found swarming with customers during all hours. The scrumptious food and energetic environment make this club a local favorite. Whether you are in the mood to eat, drink, or dance, Barcode gives you these facilities. The Barcode is located on North Broad Street and is open from Thursday to Sunday. On Thursday’s doors open at 8 pm and at 5 pm on Fridays up until 3 am. The club opens at noon on Saturdays and Sundays, but the party starts in the evening. The BarCode has a great lineup of DJs that keep the party going and the dancefloor bouncing. The club provides entertainment in the form of live performances, talent shows, DJs, musicians and hosts a variety of themes and parties each night. 

Premier Nightclub New Jersey

Located in Atlantic City, Premier Nightclub is an exotic club that allows you to experience nightlife like no other. The club has been designed to provide its customers with the ultimate party experience. The club’s interior is eye-catching and competes with some of the best and hottest clubs in the country. The lighting is impressive and gives the club a good feel. The plush lounges elevate the luxury of the place. The dance floor is one-of-a-kind and is covered with a chandelier made out of programmable lights and extending over 25 feet. The Premier Nightclub elevates the nightlife at Atlantic City and provides its customers with an experience like no other. 


If you are in New Jersey and looking for a unique nightlife experience and love Hip Hop music, then choose a club from our list. We feature the best Hip-Hop clubs in New Jersey that are bound to provide you with a unique nightlife experience. Grab a couple of friends and visit one of these clubs to have a night of nonstop entertainment. Celebrate your weekends and holidays the way they are deserved to be celebrated. Dance to some of the best beats, drink some of the best drinks, and avail the best services. Try one of these clubs, and you are bound to be back to us for more. 

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