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Hithe + Seek, their wine bar, is an invitation to experience old and new world wines and meals ranging from the familiar to the daring. Relax on The Westin London City’s third level while admiring the River Thames’ spectacular views. Hithe + Seek, located in The Westin London City hotel, provides exquisite tipples and stunning views of the city. Sip on top-notch wine while viewing the River Thames at Hithe + Seek, an interactive and pleasant wine bar in the center of the City of London with unrivaled views of Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre and the Tate Modern. The wine list, which includes over 80 references, is separated into two sections: Hithe, which includes a selection of known favorites, and Seek, which includes hand-picked hidden discoveries. 

The culinary selection has been created to unite people while perfectly complementing the wine experience. Seekers, Hithe & Seek’s monthly wine club, is meant to be exploratory and engaging. Seekers, led by Erin, allows you to sample rare wines unavailable on the main street. Hithe + Seek a wine bar and restaurant in the heart of the City of London that has been meticulously designed as an interactive and explorative experience. Sip on well-selected wines accompanied by food pairings in a unique environment when the sun goes down, and the city lights go up. There is wine, influenced by history, created for city dwellers. Their 80-reference wine list is meticulously divided into two sections: Hithe, which features known favorites, and Seek, which features hidden treasures hand-picked for those wishing to broaden their palette. 

Learn the art of wine tasting. Discover the art of wine tasting with their Wine Curator, who offers everything from professionally led wine tasting courses and seminars to personalized suggestions. Instead of your typical sit-and-listen sampling, participate in an interactive event where you’ll be encouraged to taste and ask questions of the experts on hand. Throughout your Hithe + Seek experience, the Curator Corner is open for impromptu wine tastings or group bookings of up to 12 individuals. A great spot with a lovely view of the Thames. The staff is courteous and professional. The little plates are delectable, and the wine is even better! I wholeheartedly endorse it. So Hithe + Seek At The Westin London City Hotel is one of the best bars London has to offer you. If you are in the city, we recommend visiting this spot at least once!

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