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Hole In the Wall Saloon San Francisco, Guide & Review

Hole In The Wall opened during April of 1994 in the heart of San Francisco’s South of Market district. Fourteen years later they packed up and moved two blocks to Folsom Street. 1369 Folsom Street to be exact,they welcome everybody and have  special drinks  for those on two wheels. Above all they are about good music and down to earth people. Hole In The Wall is something entirely different. 

One of the best gay bars on the entire planet because of its music and decor, which are not the stereotypical gay industrial complex norm. Whether you’re looking for drag slays, somewhere to watch the game,or just a nice dive to let your hair down hole in the wall saloon is the best place to be. The bar is darker than the pictures would suggest, and it’s on a strange street-definitely not a place you would happen to stumble across as a tourist. Friendly with good drinks. This bar encourages you to be naked. Although, just like most naked places, the ones who are naked maybe shouldn’t be and the ones that should be naked are not. If you are a nudist this it the bar for you.The classic 

Bar serves you with great music such as, rock, funk, blues, punk, jazz, bluegrass, no disco and  no show tunes.The bar also has an amazing collection of art, trippy lighting. This fun-loving biker bar welcomes loudmouth punks and freaky down-to-earth patrons of all types. The Hole in the Wall does its name proud: dark and divey with walls plastered with band posters and news clippings, light-bright installations and motorcycle ephemera. Join one of the bar’s two pool teams or just belly up to the bar for a drink.see you there.

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