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Homemakers Bar Cincinnati, Guide & Review

Every color lover’s dream come true, Homemakers bar is a rainbow blast of colors. There is a story in every corner of the space. Co-owners Catherine and Julia made their passion project come to life. Brick walls have been painted a candy pink and a lovely hue of blue. This color combination brings life to the whole space. There are some wooden touches in the space, plus some black and white patterned tiles cover the floor under the bar. The marble top bar is adjacent to the massive window in front of the bar.  

There are squiggly colored lines painted on the walls. Other places have prints of art and photography that add creative elements to the space. Yellow chairs hang from the walls giving it the feel of a fun bus stop where you get to relax. A few tabletops are made of mosaic tiles and some fun patterns. Ting plant pots sit with the glass drink bottles on the shelves behind the bar. And if you look up, you will see metal spoons and forks hanging from a chandelier.  

The cocktails are fun and super innovative in terms of their names. They are named after commercial ads of the 1950s. Whether you want to sip on these in the central area or one of the more private rooms at the back, you will enjoy every sip. ‘The Johnny,’ or ‘Some like it Hot’ are a hit amongst the customers. The latter has notes of honey and saffron that create a fantastic mix of flavors. You can grab empanadas or pizzas to pair with these drinks. 

Open from Tuesday to Sunday; the place hosts events like spritzer hours, tiki Tuesday, gin and tonic bars, and monthly cocktail classes.    

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