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Hope and Anchor is a welcoming hangout that serves beer, wine, and cocktails and has a large, lantern-adorned outside terrace. Enjoy your dining experience at Hope & Anchor! Sabertooth serves excellent meals as well as your favorite drinks! This semi-dive just north of downtown El Paso is a homey setting with one of the most excellent patios in the city with views of the Franklin Mountains. The beverages fulfill the holy trinity of being cheap, strong, and massive, and the staff is always kind. If you enjoy this potent libation, check out their ‘Tequila Tuesday.’ Excellent craft beer variety. If they don’t have the precise beer or kind you’re searching for, bartenders are experienced and can give a highly equivalent substitute. 

It’s always a good time whether you come in a vast group or with a handful of buddies. Some people complained about the absence of table service. Go to a restaurant if you want table service. When visiting a pub, you should place your order at the bar. They are not TABLEtenders, but BARtenders. This Saturday at lunch hour, I had a terrific time. The meal is delicious, and the beer variety is never disappointing. I came with my family, and our waiter Gina kept us pleased despite the fact that the terrace was full. They are both kid and dog friendly before 7 pm. This inviting hangout serves beer, wine, and cocktails with a spacious, lantern-adorned outside terrace. 

They are both kid and dog friendly before 7 pm. I will most certainly return! It was enjoyable. It was chilly. I went on Saturday at 5 pm, so there weren’t so many people. I liked that the patio area looked relaxing; The prices were very nice. The mixed drinks were delicious. Nice experience. When I go out, I prefer to be able to talk to people and listen to music. Thank God for Hope and Anchor. Many bars prefer to blast music to harm your eardrums somewhat, but whether you’re inside or outside, the music is at a pleasant level for you to vibe and speak. The staff is fantastic and caring, plus there are exciting theme days to engage in. So, Hope and Anchor is one of the best bars in El Paso! If you are in the city, we highly recommend you visit this spot at least once. Go with your friends, family, and loved ones for a memorable time.

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