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If you’re looking for something to do in Jacksonville, the Hoptinger Bier Garden and Sausage House offers two locations: one in Five Points and one in Jacksonville Beach. You’re never far from delicious Bavarian-inspired food and beer, whether in the city or at the beach. Both locations are open for breakfast until 2 a.m., with a late-night menu available after midnight. Their Five Points facility includes two different levels and a rooftop lounge, giving you plenty of room to chill out. The drink menu at Hoptinger Bier Garden comprises classic cocktails, beer cocktails, and a draught beer selection so extensive that it should have its index. The choices seem endless, with 60 rotating taps and a “Build Your Own Bloody” menu for custom Bloody Marys. 

This 5 Points bier garden, another late-night venue whose non-residential location allows them to serve on the roof until 2 a.m., gets points not just with its beverages but also with a variety of outdoor activities, including billiards, foosball, shuffleboard, and more. Hoptinger Bier Garden, with its wacky steampunk art on the rooftop bar, is popular with the professional happy hour set for its creative, handmade drink presentation in the relaxed rooftop lounge. The lounge is open Thursday and Friday nights, as well as all day and all night Saturdays and Sundays, and there is a Hoptinger Bier Garden on Jacksonville Beach. 

Hoptinger Bier Garden is located in both Jacksonville Beach and Five Points. Hoptinger is a German-inspired Bier Garden that serves over 60 beers on tap and has an incredible menu of German-inspired cuisine. The Garten at the 5 Points location is one of the greatest rooftop bars in Jacksonville, with drinks such as the Kick-Ass Paloma, Riverside Sour, Watermelon Mojito, and various beers on tap. Even though each level has a somewhat distinct ambiance, you may go from one to the other in the same facility. Another distinctive drink menu, including mules, ritas, and on-the-rocks drinks, is available on the second level of the 5 points location. Happy hour is from 4 to 7 p.m. on the main level, with $5 wells, $3 bar appetizers, and $10 beer flights. 

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