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Baku city is characterized by stunning and Upscale House music venues. House music venues in Baku offers most elite, exclusive and edgy nightclubs, upscale secret gems, to trending hot spots, there is an eclectic range of options for finding access in obtaining the seemingly unattainable treasures, welcoming and clean atmosphere, the price is much more reasonable than one would expect for the quality level, amazing sound system, live musical performances

Baku House music venues have an exceptionally wide-ranging variety of options, professional DJs mixing variety of Techno music, tactile and visual experience, friendly Techno vibes, an elite atmosphere of quality entertainment, excellent choice of alcohol with excellent service, comfortable coaches, free wifi, sexy dancers, professionally mixed cocktails, and delicious food.

Buddha Bar Baku

Buddha Bar

When at Baki, Buddha Bar is worthwhile to visit for an extremely fun night out. Upscale bar-restaurant with an orientalist ‘lounge’ ambience. It is located at Azadliq Square, JW Marriott Absheron 3rd floor, Azerbaijan. Inside Buddha Bar is the glamorous JW Marriott Absheron Hotel Baku, brought to you by Saffron Restaurant Group – known for its thematic, sophisticated establishments. Step away from the city frenzy and immerse yourself in the magical atmosphere of Buddha-Bar Baku.

Enerji Club Baku

Enerji Club

Up for a wild party at Baku? Enerji night club is a fantastic entertainment destination in Baku. Enerji is an extraordinary entertainment destination with a seating capacity for 300 people over two floors with landscaped terraces over the Caspian. Enerji’ opened in 2015. Situated in a contemporary development opposite the old power station of Baku industrial port area, National flag square, Baku, Azerbaijan.

PIANO Karaoke & Lounge Baku

PIANO Karaoke & Lounge Baku

In the very center of our city, the renewed karaoke club “Piano” is with you again. In the life of a secular and practical person, there has always been a place for simple human pleasures. Delicious food, representing a wide culinary palette, good wine and excellent service take its rightful place in our restaurant. An ideal place for wealthy and successful people, for those who value their time and know their worth. This is a place not only for fun and small talk, but also for a romantic evening by candlelight, clinking glasses and compliments. Here sophistication and luxury are combined with indescribable comfort. The restaurant awaits guests in a spacious room for 80 people and in a VIP room for 20 people. If you want to feel the true taste of a beautiful life, come.

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House venues in Baku focus on customer satisfaction even more than just giving you a buzz.

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