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Louisville is a hotspot for the hottest House music venues including lounges, nightclubs, live music venues, and bars and sport bars. When the evening dawns, the day begins in Louisville. The House music venues embrace a modern, urban and chic vibe with places for professionals and friends to unwind, eat and grab a drink after a long week at the office.

Louisville’s House music venues feature a wide selection of beers, top-shelf liquor and signature cocktails, live music venues, delicious menu including upscale Southern food, great ideal atmosphere, stunning and comfortable seatings, amazing reasonably priced drinks and cocktails, amazing House playlist in courtesy of world class DJs and atmosphere, spacious dance floors, elegant and phenomenal live bands and concerts, dynamic setting, and upscale House hotspots with stunning amenities.

Zero’s Luxe Lounge Louisville

Zero's Luxe Lounge Louisville

What are you doing tonight? If you and your friends are still looking for an answer to this question, it’s time to hit the scene in Louisville and end at Zero’s Luxe Lounge.  Luxe Lounge, a nightclub located in Louisville, United States. Eat, drink, and experience the luxury here where they embrace a modern, urban chic feel with dedicated staff providing full restaurant service, limitless and personalized bottle service, caters for young professionals, and incredible top music from top DJs. Join a crowd at their dance floor or secure space in the VIP room for a luxury experience for you and your friends.

Jerry Green And Friends Louisville

Jerry Green And Friends Louisville

Jerry Green And Friends is a night club in Louisville, Kentucky. It has been entertaining Louisvillians and visitors for over 20 years.  Jerry Green performs a variety of music with his live band every Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday night.

The Godfather Bourbon & Burlesque Louisville

The Godfather Bourbon & Burlesque Louisville

Incredible!! The Godfather Bourbon & Burlesque is a Bar & Grill located near the airport and the Kentucky explosion center in Louisville, United States. It’s a great place to relax during the weekdays but during the weekends it gets wild. The Godfather Bourbons and Burlesque Club has over 100 Kentucky to enjoy in addition to Louisville’s finest looking dancers. They offer convenient parking, VIP rooms, and TVs galore. What better Mondays with drink specials, Trifecta Tuesdays and Thursdays, whiskey Wednesdays, fireball Fridays, and weekend specials.

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They also feature weekly live events, shows, awesome deejays and live music keeping you entertained throughout the night. Definitely sure to make for a memorable night at House  music venues in Louisville. So if you’re looking for a spot to lounge, drink some alcohol and party, Louisville is the place to go.

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