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House of Blues, famous for being a wedding venue, also has a great music scene for all of you who don’t know. There are four different performance venues under one roof here. The restaurant offers delicious food and drinks. Primary acts of music will take place in the 2200-person main hall. Another hall is there mainly to be rented for more exclusive events. A Dj also performs here now and then. 

The menu is very Southern-inspired, and so is the place itself. The interior is modern and industrial, with art from around the world displayed everywhere. The whole space itself is divided into room-like areas. Blue and red lights illuminate the space while Tvs are put up on walls all around. The Foundation room is only for VIP members. Imagine a nightclub with private performers, DJs, its bar, and much more. It’s expensive with leather plush couches with a sensual flair added by the performances. 

There are bars on both sides of the main bar. A second-level balcony surrounds the whole space for more seating and a view from above. The stained glass windows reach high towards the ceiling, creating a mix of contemporary and old-school decor. There are barbeque nachos, voodoo shrimp, jambalaya, baby back ribs, and a wide variety of burgers for you to choose from. You can grab a lime pie, bread pudding, or a brownie at the end of your meal. You can also get drinks with your meal like ‘Memphis Blues Sangria,’ which consists of red wine, brandy, and fresh juices. The ‘Strawberry Field’ has a mix of Captain Morgan spiced rum, Disaronno amaretto, strawberry, passion fruit, mint, and lime.


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