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Hudson Hill Bar Denver, Guide & Review

Open 7 days a week from 8 am onwards, Hudson Hill offers something for everyone to their taste. Fancy a drink with a potential loved one? Relax and look forward to new beginnings. Let the stories take you where you want. Everything is something to remember, from their coffees to the well-made cocktails and delicacies. With an in-house herb garden, greenery surrounds you from all sides, reminding you of a sunny day in your backyard. The place is fresh, fun, colorful, and a little splash of fancy while you relax and have a good time. From ‘Maison Spritz’ to ‘Left Hand,’ cocktails are skillfully mixed so that you can forget about your work-life worries. Want to munch on some snacks? Or nibble on cheese? Or even devour a buttery croissant; there are things for everyone to enjoy. Grab a seat at the bar, and maybe you get a chance to swap stories with someone who might not remain a stranger after a while. Make friends with strangers while you sip your worries away. The vintage vinyl collection plays its melodies in the background, a personal collection of Jake Soffes, the owner. Hudson Hill brings in the freshness along with flavors of nature for you to soak in. 

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