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Husk Bar Savannah, Guide & Review

Chef Sean Brock, the winner of the James Beard Award, transforms the context of Southern food and highlights unique Georgia coastal ingredients to Husk Savannah. Skip the stairs to the second floor, and your jaw will go down to the large Husk’s horseshoe bar. The space is adorned with colorful modern paintings with pictures that take you back to the city’s original objects. The local cocktail apothecary program offers an impressive bar team with a collection of house ingredients to make some of the most delicious drinks in Georgia while highlighting the spirits from Southern artisan distilleries.

If any bar has what we might call a try-and-true speakeasy vibe, it will definitely be this. But you will soon move away from the ambiance after sitting down as the menu, printed in the format of an old newspaper, includes a selection of its nearly 100 available cocktails!

So, if you need a bar that will satisfy all your interests, you’ve got your place—looking for a tiki cocktail? There are many. Spirit-forward twists of antiquity? They cover you. Or maybe the old ones? Naturally, you can too. This is really my kind of bar, and my only regret is that we could only visit once.

Past throwbacks are available in every corner, and modern design features are made in such a way that the bar suddenly feels timeless.

From there, you will do well to enter the menu to check out the solid wine selection and the approximately 35 cocktails available. Each has well-placed ingredients and glass conditions for good balance (a feature a lot of people love as it helps them avoid mules and anything in Collins glass). 

You will find yourself fascinated by the menu, and your eyes will wander everywhere and will be eventually directed to The Doc (which contains rye, china, bitters, spearmint, and smoked tobacco), or maybe you might just end up settling on the classic Vieux Carre (made with Armagnac, rye, vermouth, benedictine, and bitters). Let’s face it – most people do not get discouraged.

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