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Industry Bar New York, Guide & Review

The industry has been a staple in HK for so many years, and its reopening has proven why. The staff is great, the music is amazing, the drinks are strong, and they adhere closely to all the covid guidelines. If you and your friends are looking for a fun night out, Industry should be on the top of your list. Industry Bar is a very cute restaurant-style setup but still feels like good old industry entertainment nights, with a beautiful queen at the door, and all the videos. Not crowded at all but they check temps and it feels very safe.

Industry Bar features a fun atmosphere, friendly staff exhibiting fast and professional service, awesome ambiance, amazing drag shows with lovely drag queens, chic decor, super cool music, very nice people, super cool music, fab drinks that are reasonably priced, and stunning lighting and sound system. This is the best place to go! You’ll have a wonderful time there! The music is amazing, and the service is good! You can dance and meet people all over the world! It’s better if you with some friends. Arrive early! Grab a drink! Save a seat! Join them all weekend long for cute boys, drinks, music & dancing. Happy Hour daily from 6-9 pm and they open late until 4 am.

The place is fun and the drag performances are always great. Small spot but such Vibrant energy!! so much fun! Get a gang together and go! you won’t regret it. The space is large & factory-like with super high ceilings, concrete floors, & plenty of space with different areas to roam around.  I highly recommend a fun evening here. See you cuties there!

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