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Industry Cafe & Jazz Los Angeles, Guide & Review

Are you looking for an amazing Industry Cafe & Jazz in Los Angeles? Industry Cafe & Jazz is the place to be. Eritrean, Ethiopian and soul food eats in a simple setting, plus live Jazz & spoken-word poetry. Industry Cafe & Jazz features delicious food – the spices, aroma, and warm nostalgic feeling of home cooking, great live music, great friendly owners, awesomely friendly crowd, chill atmosphere, exceptional service, awesome live bands & singers, awesome live music, awesome & relaxed atmosphere, great vibes, large portions and very flavorful, nice patio area, free street parking after 6pm, and awesome outdoor seating. 

If you go to Industry Cafe & Jazz expect to eat wonderful Ethiopian food, chat with super friendly and generous owners, and enjoy live music. You’ll find yourself going there again and again. 

Overall it’s a simple and reasonably priced place without frills and yet delivering thrills. Incredible place to visit for food, music, and great company. Great place to enjoy the night in a cozy spot and a beautiful date spot. Highly recommended for an amazing experience in Los Angeles. What a delightful place to have fun! Check it out for something different. Highly recommended venue in Los Angeles.

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