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Ink Eats Bar Sacramento , Guide & Review

Ink eats another great eatery in Sacramento, which offers hearty meals and classic cocktails for you to enjoy. This place is known for its hippie and funky vibe, which they help create with the d├ęcor and the vibe. Ink eats opened way back in 2003, and it operated till the late hours, which was a total game changer and hence one of the pioneers of late-night drinking in Sacramento. This place boasts itself as preparing food for the common folk since the food is sourced locally and is made with love, while the prices are kept marginal to give back to the community and get the love of the people. The staff is very attentive and will treat you like family, so once people make this their usual drinking spot, they do not wish to leave it!
They are the pioneers in many things that are now common in Sacramento, such as the sliders. Moreover, the local community always appreciates their drive to serve the customers. Thus this is one of the best bars if you want to talk to the locals in a very relaxed and homelike ambiance. Moreover, this place is open from Monday until Sunday, all seven days of the week! Therefore, you can make plans with your friends and family. The place is not crowded anymore since they have expanded to the outdoor patio, which means more space for everybody!
The happy hour menu is from four to six pm from Monday until Saturday, where you can eat food and enjoy artisan cocktails at discounted rates, and that makes it even more worth it! The drinks are priced at $3 during this time, and some of the menu items retail for around $5, which is a total bargain. You should try this place out if you want to eat on a budget in a cozy environment with a great crowd.

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