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Insa Bar New York, Guide & Review

Singing, drinking, eating!  Beautifully designed spot in Park Slope. Insa is a neighborhood Korean BBQ restaurant and karaoke bar located in Gowanus, Brooklyn, featuring group dining and private karaoke rooms. The atmosphere is buzzing yet chilled. The decor matched the vibe and style of Brooklyn. The staff personnel is very welcoming and quick to assist and respond to questions. Insa is an upscale Korean barbecue spot in Gowanus that’s perfect for groups. But if you and your people don’t all live around here, you’re going to need another reason to come all the way out to Gowanus, right? Good thing Insa has that need covered too – with karaoke. After you sit at a big table and grill lots of meats and eat kimchee fried rice and seafood scallion pancakes with all your friends, rent out a room and sing all the songs you liked in high school.

Insa Bar features a great location, awesome indoor dining, child-friendly, amazing staff, and bartenders who are extremely patient, courteous, and attentive, nice people, excellent vibe, delicious food like nothing you’ve ever had, awesome daily specials, large portions, excellent late-night menu, creative cuisine, stylish decor, clean bathrooms, classic cocktails, spacious and comfy seatings, state-of-art lighting and sound systems, healthy options, romantic hip atmosphere, chic, decor, scenic views, and minimalistic interior. The bar was cozy and intimate for a date. Overall, super fun, with drinks, and great food! Worth the wait! They also have a few karaoke rooms in the back and very modern woodwork decors inside.  Fun experience with great taste in food and decor.

Insa bar is open from wen 5:30 PM- 10:00 PM. Really nice place to celebrate a birthday and other special parties like graduation parties, anniversary parties, and many more events. If you come here, I highly suggest you also stay for karaoke in the back! Come with a larger group and enjoy delicious food then drunkenly sing together in one of Insa’s karaoke rooms. Insa is a fun experience and the place has great taste. This place is so much fun and definitely amazing.

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