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Trials Pub

Trials Pub, Downtown San Jose, CAPaulo

Trials Pub is situated in San Jose, California. Offering a wide variety of beers, wines, and spirits, San Jose has a  reputation for providing the most delicious fish and chips, not the best curries on this side of Edinburgh. Trials Pub is an authentic British pub offering some of the most popular British food and beer, from fish and chips to Bangers and Mash, Boddingtons Cream Mare, and Dragon Slayer IPA. It is a relaxing English pub serving a variety of draft beers and a variety of light meals. Other beers shipped directly from the UK include Bath, Newcastle, and Strongbow,  about 15 draft beers, and a wide variety of bottled beers. The space is cozy and intimate, with a fireplace and walls lined with an eclectic art collection. You can snuggle up to your favorite beer or sit down for a hot meal of Shepherd’s Pie. This is popular with patrons. Trial pubs are rare—a full-fledged pub in the franchise world, with no TV or “Wazzup” beer. Trials Pub is a home away from home for people worldwide and around the corner. The building, housed in a historic building, dates back to 1894. The Trial is one of the most interesting Victorian buildings in the heart of Silicon Valley and is the latest resident. This bar offers delivery and takeout services when it comes to food. So, if you remember your favorite meal from this bar, you can order it with your favorite drink. Trials Pub has many vegetarian options for its vegan patrons. If you are a vegetarian you will not have to worry about what to eat at this bar. This venue accepts credit cards as a payment method. There is outdoor seating available so you can take your drink outside for a good time. This place is great for groups and having dinners.

Britannia Arms

Britannia Arms is a British casual dining pub that hosts regular events such as happy hour, trivia quizzes, karaoke nights, and DJ sets. Choose from traditional fish and chips, shepherd’s pie, bangers and mash, Irish stew, or British bulldog burgers. In addition to about 15 types of draft beer, there are various bottled beers and craft beers, various kinds of unique cocktails, and a wine selection. Known to patrons as “The Brit,” this bar has everything you need for a casual meeting place. It is an English-themed pub offering pub grabs, live music, DJs, darts, beer pongs, and quiz nights. The Brit Patio can be used for private events! Contact them to host your event, birthday, graduation, and more! They provide the best selection of British and American food, craft beer, and delicious appetizers. So, Brit is a jewel of South San Jose! They offer delivery and takeout service as well. So, if you want to order your favorite meal from Britannia Arms, feel free to order! Remember masks are mandatory at this venue because of the widespread Coronavirus. The menu at this bar contains many vegetarian options. So, if you’re vegan and are looking for a fun bar with vegan food options, then this is your place! They accept credit cards as a form of payment method. There is outdoor seating available for the patrons at this venue. We can describe the vibe of this bar as Classy and Casual. It can be a loud place to be often. Apart from their usual services they also offer catering services. It is a great place to visit as a group with your friends and acquaintances. You can also visit this bar with your kids as it is a safe place for children, and it is also great for dinner. Late-night visits to this bar are great for dancing as well. They have a private parking lot available. 

O’Flaherty’s Irish Pub

O’Flaherty’s Irish Pub offers a fascinating atmosphere with traditional Irish cuisine, tapping a whopping 54 beers changed weekly. If you don’t like beer, O’Flaherty’s full-service bar offers a wide selection of whiskeys and other spirits. Try something from the extensive menu of appetizers, salads, pizzas, burgers, sandwiches, and appetizers. All of these are inspired by traditional Irish and Californian cuisine. A relaxing pub where you can enjoy traditional home-cooked dishes such as Irish stew and carefully selected draft beer. O’Flaherty’s is located in the historic San Pedro Square in the cultural center of downtown San Jose,  within walking distance of the SAP Center,  San Jose McEnery Convention Center, and all major downtown hotels. The soothing pub is where you can eat traditional home-cooked food such as fish and chips, enjoy  Irish whiskey, and tap 52 beers. Ray & Marie opened the O’Flaherty Irish Pub in December  2002. The pub ultimately shipped furniture, bars, and Irish souvenirs from Ireland to California. It’s unreal indeed. An Irish-made pub that Irish people have operated since it was shipped. They take reservations as well. So, if you need to book a table or a spot feel free to connect with the venue page. Masks are required to visit this venue. The staff at this pub all wear masks for their own safety and the patrons’ safety as well. They accept credit cards as a form of payment. Outdoor seating is available at the scene for the patrons. It is safe to say that the vibe of this bar is Classy and Casual. It is not a very loud bar but has moderate noise level. So, it is a great place for groups. They have garage parking and street parking available. Therefore, you do not have to worry about where to park when you visit.

Katie Bloom’s

For those seeking the coziness of an industrial-themed lounge, Katie Blooms is the place. Brimming with Edison bulbs and brickwork, this recently renovated Irish pub makes a snuggly getaway. Katie Blooms’ is located in Campbell’s charming downtown—so after your Irish car bombs and Guinness, go ahead and take a lap around the block.  Consider yourself warned: It can get a little loud on weekends, but if you’re hoping to hold a conversation, you can always retreat to the bar’s spacious patio. It is a place with burgers & brews served in an Irish-themed pub with a dark, cozy interior & covered patio seating. They also serve Fish & Chips, Burgers & Brews! The food is served in a cozy, dark vibed pub. Enjoy their covered and heated patio or their ample indoor tables. They have a full bar for your favorite cocktails, big screen TV for the big games, Jukebox, Darts & more. This venue offers takeout services as well. All the staff at Katie Bloom’s are fully vaccinated for their own safety and for the safety of the patrons. So, masks are required to get entry into this bar. They accept credit cards as a form of payment. There is outdoor seating available for the patrons. So, if you wish to step out with your drink you can! It is safe to say that the main vibe of this bar is Casual. You can expect a loud noise level at this venue. It is a great place for groups to visit and have fun. So, it is a great place for light night meetups and dancing. There is street parking available in front of the bar. Their waiter service is impeccable. Katie Bloom’s has free Wi-Fi available for the patrons. The best nights at this bar are on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

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San Jose is the largest city within the Bay Area and in Northern California, known as a global city for its thriving economy and affluence. With so much to offer, we have narrowed in on the San Jose area to explore the best Irish Pubs. A pub is a food-serving bar or tavern that also serves as a community meeting place. Pubs are places where people go to eat lunch, drink beer, or play darts with their pals. Pub is a shorter version of public house that was first used in 1859.

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