Art Café is the most exclusive and fashionable disco-club in entire Rome. It attracts not only famous stars (like Matt Damon or Cameron Diaz) but also popular DJs across the world. You can find this luxurious place in the beautiful green park Villa Borghese, which has quite a central location.

Extended Description

Art Café provides you with an elegant and fancy venue to show off in your best outfit and party until the sunrise.  If you like dressing up and dancing freely without being squashed, this is the right place for you. Our Ultimate Guide to Art Café will cover frequently asked questions and make sure you are ready for the best night of your life!

Dress Code & Age Requirement

For Gents, the age requirement is 21 years old or older. For Ladies it is a bit younger, 19 years old or older.  Keep in mind, that it is easier to get admittance to Art Café if there are stylish well-dressed ladies in your company.

Music Style

Art Café is considered to be the best place for music and dancing. And trust me when I say it, you will not be disappointed! It is pretty common when the club invites the best DJs in the world to play the hits. And since there is a lot of space to dance too, it is a great place to have fun. On top of that, Art Café has become a popular place for live concerts where you can enjoy famous foreign and Italian singers and bands.

Guestlists, Tickets & Entry Price

The entrance costs 15 euros and includes a drink inside the club.

Prices for drinks and cocktails are expensive, which is quite anticipated considering all glamour and glitter. The variety of drinks is astonishing; you can find pretty much anything here. However, they are a little bit overpriced. For example, a mojito will cost you 15 euros, which is pretty high for Rome. You will have to spend some money if you want to keep drinking in the club.

Always sign up for a guest list before going in! The guest list is a norm, so do think in advance and make a reservation beforehand. You can register with us or through the official website of Art Café. In addition, you can order a VIP table with us and make sure you get access to the restricted area. Who knows who you are going to meet there because Art Café is widely-known among celebrities.

Even though the club practices guest lists, there is always a line outside the place. Since bouncers are allowed to select guests how they think fit (in fact, it is an official club policy), sometimes you can get in by looking gorgeous and dashing (and usually in the company of girls, if you are a guy). In addition, you might get lucky because after 1.30 or 2.00 am they let most people in.

Our Recommendations

Well, to begin with, Art Café has a very unique captivating atmosphere. This is the place where you can try the taste of the rich and glamorous life. So this is your chance to be dressed to impress and spin the heads of some very wealthy people inside.

We highly recommend you to spend some time on what you are going to wear because there is a very strict policy in this regard. In order to avoid any unnecessary frustration, you have to really kill it. Keep in mind that there is a wardrobe inside (for an additional 5 euro fee), so you can leave your belongings over there. For ladies, it might be a good idea to take a pair of ballerinas so that you can change burning heels into something way more comfortable. Trust me when I say – you will dance a lot because music is amazing!

Any night you decide to go will surely blow your mind. However, we have a bit of nice advice for you to come on Friday at around 7-8 pm. At this time they serve a very delicious buffet and refreshing aperitif under light music. The food here is mouthwatering: snacks, cocktails, and fantastic deserts, everything will make you long for more. And there is more!. Later in the evening everything fires up and turns into insidious disco night. So you can eat all you can first and then dance-dance-dance!

Additionally, it might be a good idea to get some drinks before at another place. The prices at Art Café are really high and they will empty your wallet in seconds. You can go along with one drink which is included in the entrance fee. This will help you truly enjoy the night without being constantly worried about how much you have already spent (unless you don’t care how much, then just go ahead!).

Last, but not least, when you are planning to visit Art Café, take your time and walk around the park Villa Borghese before. You will love it! The park is indeed a very beautiful and picturesque place to see and wander around.


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